Seattle Sasquatch Safari   $85.00 per person

“Due to the popularity of Sasquatch/Bigfoot on television in the last few years, I have created adventure tours for people to learn the Native & science beliefs towards the Sasquatch/Bigfoot”

Most people don’t realize that throughout Seattle there’s numerous depictions of coastal American Indian and Canadian First Nations interpretations of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Seeing as SASQUATCH CHRONICLES had my partner as a host of 3 podcast episodes, the interest generated for the Indian perspective is very much sought after. To this I have designed the Seattle Sasquatch Safari where one gets to hear over three hours of stories, legends, scientific information and personal accounts of these creatures existence throughout The Pacific Northwest! It all starts at Pioneer Square where we meet at the beautiful Tzoonakwa (Wild Woman Of The Woods) Kwakwaka’wakw welcome pole.

Seattle Sasquatch Safari

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This tour is wheelchair accessible

A few years ago I was welcomed into Tom’s First Nations family the traditional way at Potlatch where I was given a family Indian name. Tom has since taught me how to dance the Tzoonakwa and Bokwus dances belonging to his family. I will be honored to share the experience of seeing traditional Kwakwaka’wakw dance with you. One gets to see how even modern accounts of these creatures correlates with traditional dance moves.

Afterwards we all walk a short distance to the Seattle Art Museum and go straight to the West Coast Native area where we share insight into the Tzoonakwa house posts, masks and other items pertaining to the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations from northern Vancouver Island.

Here we will also see other masks and art where insight into the societies and how the items were used in Potlatch shall be shared with all. One will come out of the museum knowing so much more about the Pacific Northwest Coast Native Culture.


We will then provide transportation to the Burke Museum at The University of Washington.  It is a must see for avid Sasquatch/Bigfoot enthusiasts and it’s the next stop on the tour. Here we will be greeted with a traditional Kwakwaka’wakw welcome pole where the Tzoonakwa is holding numerous shields representing Klakwa, which are coppers. Yes, you will be brought to understand the significance of the items along with many other artifacts and pictures within this museum. Of course the focus will be on the artifacts pertaining to Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

Afterwards there’s the option of heading over to Ivar’s Salmon House in Seattle which is designed like a massive traditional west coast Indian long house. Here we can all indulge in a west coast seafood meal while gaining more insight into west coast First Nations culture. *All are responsible for their own bill during this optional dining experience."

Your per person price of this tour covers entry to both museums and transport between museums and return back to Pioneer Square.