Part of this adventure we will be staying in cabins reminiscent of the ancestral long house’s of the coastal Indians of this region. They are rustic, but one has a bed with two large windows inside to enjoy the views. Bathroom facilities are an outhouse, so be prepared for roughing it out in the bush. All guests are more than welcome to bring a full pack of any survival gear they need and your own sleeping bag and sleeping air mattress if that’s what you prefer?  

Sometimes we will end up using tents. Seeing as we are so connected with people that live out in the bush world, we like to focus our trips where there’s been recent reports of activity, so we may be on the move at a moments notice. 

The days will see us seeking out evidence of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot, but as is the principal of life out in the bush, we will be continually harvesting. This adventure is a great way for one to learn how the coastal Indians harvested and cured their foods from land, beach and sea. At the end of each day there will be a great traditional meal prepared for all to enjoy the days harvest.

If the weather permits, Tom or our other Indian Guides like to wear traditional attire and other items from their culture during most aspects of your adventure. This really adds to your over all experience, but it’s what sets Ha Moo Moo Adventures as a unique way to learn more about the Sasquatch/Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. 

This adventure is designed for those that want to get out into the coastal bush world and try to find the Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Tom who has been a modern day true bushman for all of his adult life will accompany us as our modern day Indian Guide for this amazing adventure! This adventure takes one out into the Pacific Northwest coastal world where there’s a high amount of Sasquatch/Bigfoot sightings. One will have to be prepared to live a bushman’s existence where there’s limited supplies and most food is harvested off land, sea and beach. Just like the Sasquatch/Bigfoot, the buffet is set when the tide is low.

Experiencing the world of these creatures, one will learn how these creatures and coastal Indians survived on the coast for thousands of years. You will come to experience and understand why a beach in a high tidal flow area exposed at low tide, is the highest concentration of protein on earth in its’ natural setting. Most larger low tides in a 24 hour period are at night, so be prepared for night activities and sleeping the mornings away.

Sasquatch Survival & Research


As I have learned, the optimum time to hopefully see or hear these allusive creatures throughout coastal Pacific Northwest is during large low tides, seeing as they are fond of the cockle, a type of shellfish. This being said, we book our adventures to coincide with the large low tides that vary throughout the entire Pacific Northwest. Late fall, the winter season and early spring being the prime window of opportunity.

Hopefully I have explained enough for you to understand that this is a unique adventure of a lifetime, but it’s best to communicate with me in order to evaluate when the optimum time for you to book your adventures is? This being said, I am eager to hear from you and we can discuss when one wants to come out and experience Sasquatch Survival & Research Adventure.

When you email me your interest in this adventure, please be certain to add a contact phone number. It’s usually best I return your call so it makes it more clear as to when you should book.    Every month has a large low tide, so best to contact us for the week(s) that are best for you to coordinate your booking time with.  

The next window of opportunity is during January 2017.
GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE*    *(I'll set up a page soon too print off gift certificates with instructions)

Ha Moo Moo Adventures Sasquatch Survival & Research Adventure has a two person minimum and we will keep group sizes under 8 people over all. This way my Indian Guides and I can give you a more one on one experience. Keeping the group sizes down also ensures we are more a research and finding adventure over a training venture to teach people the basics to research, tracking and bush skills.

As one notices, the tours focus is for people to get a better understanding of the coastal Indians perspective to these creatures. Seeing as I have spent years with the coastal Indians I have found the relationship they have for Sasquatch/Bigfoot is so amazing that I feel it only fitting that I work closely with them sharing their perspectives.

People don’t realize as they pass by or see these images carved into giant cedar logs that they depict the Tzoonakwa known as Wild Woman Of The Woods. Now you too can gain insight into the original inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest culture where one understands as I do the connection to the giants. As I have found one will enjoy how our Indian Guides are more than willing to share much of their culture and heritage. So come on take a tour and realize as I do that in this modern world, true Indian guides still exist!    

First Nations Artist: Mark Henderson

Sasquatch Survival & Research    $275.00 per person, per day

Just so we are all on the same page, this is a research focused adventure and there’s the chance we may find or record proof of the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot. As is the world we humans live in, we all must ensure that we have a firm understanding of what this may create? Yes, there’s a huge financial generation for evidence of the existence of the creatures.

This being said, during the booking process, one will be given an agreement to sign that outlines the sharing and distribution of any revenue that can and will be generated by proof of the creatures existence that may be produced during your adventure.

This will include what each client produces with their equipment along with what is produced by equipment owned by Ha Moo Moo Adventures. The best way to look at it is we all stand to gain in the long term if and when we should get some solid evidence. We will all have security of a signed contract.   

Years of being involved with Eco-tourism adventures and working with coastal Indians, I have found that it’s best to offer the client with creating their adventure to some degree. This being said, with the Sasquatch/Bigfoot adventures, it’s better if you tell me how many days you have for experience. This way you know what the price is per person for a 24 hour period and for time you want out in bush. 

Ha Moo Moo Adventures has designed this tour to be all inclusive for time out in bush. We supply food, beverages, and all camping equipment. We will supply tents/cabins sleeping bags, air mattress's, cots, cooking equipment and toiletries.

We do call it Sasquatch Survival, for one is going to eat off the land and beaches! There will be human foods as well, so don’t worry about eating nasty bush food.  

Please look at our Glamping Page* to see what we supply.    * (I gotta get that page up soon for you soon!)

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As with all our Sasquatch/Bigfoot adventures, one will get to see dances, masks and hear all about the creatures. This adventure will allow one to be able to see the costumed dancer out in the natural settings where the Sasquatch/Bigfoot lives. This alone makes this an adventure that all enthusiasts will want to experience for themselves!

The Bokwus is said to be a small hair covered creature that likes to come out onto the beaches and harvest its’ favorite food the cockle. This is a type of clam that is a delicacy to humans as well as the creatures.

Then there’s the Tzoonakwa which is said to be the large hair covered creature living throughout the Pacific Northwest. One will gain a deep understanding what these creatures are and how they are an integral part of west coast Indian culture and their heritage.

Day or multi-day Adventure

Seeing as this is a research adventure as well to try and establish conclusive proof of the existence of the creatures, we will be placing out trail cameras. Yes, by all means if one has night vision equipment, parabolic listening devices or their own trail cameras, please bring them along.

Guns are not permitted on the adventures, but we will have one for safety reasons only. This is a NO KILL adventure of Sasquatch/Bigfoot and we strictly uphold this! The main reason is according to coastal Indian culture it’s not permitted to disrespect, harm or try to kill these creatures.

Our Indian Guides adhere deeply to their cultural beliefs and Ha Moo Moo Adventures supports this without question.

Camera equipment is up to each individual, but always remember what you bring to bush - you alone carry.