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Life can happen to us too, so…

* You know we don’t control the cost of credit card transaction fees or the currency exchange rates, so please understand that we can base your refund on what we got from you, rather than what you actually incurred on your credit card bill, savvy?)

** Examples of unforeseen circumstances include illness, death, last minute withdrawal of contracted resources or if applicable, dangerous weather per our best judgment.

If for some unforeseen circumstance that we need to cancel your particular adventure, we will improvise and adapt to create an alternative adventure of equal or higher value in order to keep to the schedule and your goal of fun.  If that doesn’t work for you, then we will try to reschedule you for another time.  If you are not able to reschedule, then we will refund to you 100%* of the amount of U.S. funds we have received from you.

Please consider getting TRAVEL INSURANCE if you are spending a lot of money to get to your adventure and to protect yourself if we need to cancel for some unforeseen circumstances.**

We require 50% of the adventure quote price as a Deposit in order to “book” your trip. 

Booking your trip means that you are in our schedule and we go into action.  We make phone calls to set aside time and resources for your adventure. 

We require the balance of adventure quote price a minimum of 30 full days prior to your adventure start date

Ha Moo Moo Booking and Cancellation Policy

We know that Life sometimes happens, so…

If you need to cancel, please contact us in writing as soon as you know.

We will try to reschedule, but if no new dates will work out, and if the date we receive your written cancelation is…

  • 60 full days before adventure begin date, we will give you your full refund of any funds we received from you minus $30 U.S. dollars for all the running around we did.
  • 59-30 full days before the adventure begin date, we will not refund your deposit but will refund the balance of your adventure quote price – if it was paid.
  • 29 or less full days before the adventure begin date, unfortunately there will be no refund because we have already paid for your transportation, accommodations and other deposits on your behalf and likely will not be able to backfill your trip with another group with such short notice.