· This package is priced per 24 hour period.

· All inclusive with wine and beer

· 50% deposit required to secure your booking dates

· Final 50% due 24 hours prior to launch

· 50% deposit non-refundable 24 hours prior to start date and time if the final payment is not received and trip is cancelled by client (s). 

· 3 day booking required for your adventure to include Alert Bay & The U’mista Cultural Center

· Two staterooms. One with queen bed and bench for a child. Three single beds in forward stateroom.

· Two tender inflatables

· Pick up at Campbell River Airport or Sea Plane Dock

· Charter flights available direct from Seattle to Campbell River April to September 30th

· 2nd smaller boat available at 1300.00 per 24 work hour period

· Please contact operations about allergies, food allergies and food preferences.

· No children under 12 allowed on adventure

· No animals allowed

· No firearms allowed

· Please bring slippers for inside boat foot wear

· Rubber boots, rain weather pants and jacket required. Gloves recommended.

· Traditional drummer & singer extra $200.00 per day

· Having adventure filmed by Victoria Williams extra cost to be discussed   

Journey aboard the Klatawa (In Chinook trade jargon "To Go Travel") operated by a captain who is Canadian First Nations and immerse oneself deep into the relationship the people have with the Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Your adventure begins in Campbell River on Vancouver Island and journeys deep into the wilds of the coastal rain forest. One will explore numerous beaches and river estuaries. The main attraction is comfort and what better observation platform to be on as you search the beaches while at anchor with night vision and listening devices throughout the night! 

Winter is the best time to hear, see or find evidence of their passing, seeing as the clam beaches are at their prime and main protein source throughout the Pacific Northwest coastal regions in it’s natural setting. Don’t be alarmed by the picture of this Tzoonakwa pole having snow on it, for snow is a rare occurrence in the region. Wind and rain are more the usual during our coastal winters.

We are always conducting our explorations and research in sheltered waters such as bays and narrow channels. We may have to travel in some weather, but the Klatawa is an awesome sea boat with hydraulic stabilizers.  You also are aboard with a licensed captain with thousands of hours of sea time. Captain Ron even brought a yacht from Florida to Vancouver Island by way of Panama Canal.

Thomas has a lifetime of experience as a commercial fisherman and captain of many types of commercial fishing and tourism vessels as well. So there’s nothing to worry about, for you are in safe capable hands out on the water.   

The nights will be filled with exploration as we use FLIR hand held devices and night vision scopes. The region we are conducting our research and observations, is the least studied locations for Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Very few humans live where we are to explore and our main Indian guide lived out in this bush world for over two decades. He knows where the cockle beds are, shallow bays for ease of catching large Dungeness crabs and abandoned orchards that are remnants from the homesteader era. His knowledge and skills supported by modern equipment will hopefully help all in their quest to find closure about these elusive creatures?

This boat will have crew aboard, so that all you focus upon is enjoying your adventure trying to sight the creatures while observing the other animals we will see. Meals will be hearty West Coast cuisine with a coastal First Nations lean. Aside from one of the main Indian guides always placing traditional art about the ship, he likes to carve beautiful wood feast dishes to present your foods upon.  

These beliefs which are based on actual experiences by the First Nations in the region we are to explore, is exactly why we are going to focus our efforts throughout the night. This being said, large low tides at night dictate when the optimum time to possibly encounter the creatures is when to book an adventure. That being said, communicate with me on this. 

Whether we are conducting our night observations from the deck of boat, in a tender boat where we anchor in a prime spot or set up on land, we have additional equipment to enhance our ability to hear the bush sounds. As our head Indian guide said when he put one of the head set sound enhancers on for the first time, “This is whitemans’ magic!”

You too will find that we ensure that the advantage is in our favor of getting evidence of the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot. By all means you’re more than welcome to bring any equipment out you want.  


(To Go Travel) 

Many may have heard about the Bokwus (Wildman Of The Woods) which is often confused as the big Sasquatch/Bigfoot, where in fact it’s Tzoonakwa that is supposed to be this creature. The Bokwus is smaller and is bi-pedal according to the legends of the Kwakwaka’wakw. His favorite food is the cockle, which is a bi-valve related to the clam. This is why people often hear stories of the creatures coming out onto the beaches at night during large low tides in search of this delicacy.

Thomas Sewid is the main guide on this adventure and is one of North America’s leading experts on Sasquatch/Bigfoot with a massive understanding of the North American Indian perspectives on the creatures. He has studied under and with guidance from Dr. John Bidernagel who is another leading Sasquatch/Bigfoot researcher, Thomas learned to continually study the scientific information pertaining to primates and relic humanoids. While we are traveling one will be enthralled by the depth of his knowledge of the creatures.

Review www.sasquatchchronicles.com and review November 19th, 20th & 21st 2016 where Thomas conducted three podcasts on Wes Germers’ Internationally acclaimed and followed program. 

One will want to check out the worlds tallest totem pole located up the hill by the grand ceremonial Big House. If one wants, your captain can arrange for some traditional dancing during your adventure.  

Alert Bay is home of numerous Kwakwaka’wakw artists that create some of the most sought after Sasquatch/Bigfoot related carvings in wood and metal. Your captain owns a resort on the island and knows almost all the artists that he can arrange you to meet with if you plan on ordering that custom piece? There’s also the art for sale in the U’mista Cultural Center and a couple other gallery’s found in this unique coastal island community.

Indian Sasquatch Yacht Adventure

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He will guide all upon the shore in places where his encounters took place as well as others he has heard about. On land you will be taught by one of the best to find sign of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Decades of bush skills are at your disposal, so one is going to learn more than can be achieved anywhere else with this amazing tour with Ha Moo Moo Adventures! The bush world can be scary especially when we are in grizzly bear country. Not to worry, Thomas will have his gun and other devices to deter animals away.    

Thomas Sewid is the a true modern day bushman with a lifetime of living in the bush and following in his trade as a big game hunting guide specializing in bringing people to hunt bears in the very lands we are to explore! Having hung up his guns so to speak as a trophy hunting guide, he now focuses his skills and experience in being a Sasquatch/Bigfoot guide. Yes, he has had his fair share of encounters with the creatures his Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) Native people call Tzoonakwa (Wild Woman Of The Woods).

Your lead Indian Guide used to have his own First Nations themed adventure television show, so if you’re interested in filming your adventure or produce a documentary, this is the perfect platform and team for you to do that!

The captains daughter also has her own film production operation that can be contracted. Victoria and Thomas are embarking on filming a television series called Aboriginal Sasquatch Stories. We can add your trip to series episode?

The guests that want to book the three night adventure we will travel to Alert Bay. This center of Kwakwaka’wakw culture has the world famous U’mista Cultural Center that one will not want to miss checking out! This museum designed like a traditional Big House in the front wing, house’s the repatriated native art returned to the people after the confiscation during the anti-potlatch era of 1884 to 1951. Inside this building one can also see ancient carvings and other art attributed to the Tzoonakwa. Outside one can look up at the massive Tzoonakwa pole greeting you when you arrive. Guides from The U’mista will be there to shall explain all. 



Your adventure is all about researching and investigating to see if we can get the conclusive evidence that the creature the coastal First Nations knows about does exist. Prior to leaving, we all sign an agreement outlining how evidence we may get would be shared by all. There’s no other Sasquatch/Bigfoot adventure that can compare due the high amount of First Nations culture and heritage attributed to these animals that the Indian Guides will share with you. Ha Moo Moo Adventures has created the adventure of a life time for you to experience!