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At Campbell River $3,200.00 (U.S.Dl) for two nights/3 days - 8 people maximum

This package is the ideal amount of time.  One night is fine, but to really cover the region where the cabin is location, it’s best to book two nights.  We can extend the days and nights out there depending on your budget and the boat captain's schedule. The more time one books for this adventure the more area we cover in our quest for evidence of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

This package is great for larger groups and if your smaller group wants to reduce the per person price down, and if you are receptive, we will try our hardest to fill the 8 person maximum with additional adventurers for the amount of time your group wants too book.

The price of $1,600 per day may seem high, but one has to remember these boats charge out at $1,200.00 for 8 hours and this package we have boat for a 24 hour period plus the cabins, Indian Guide, meals and beverages.  It's priced to be an opportunity of a life time.

Based at Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. 

Conducting whale watching and grizzly bear viewing tours for most of the year, Captain Leigh knows the inner coast like no ones business. This 8 passenger high speed aluminum tour boat has inside bathroom and is heated. The 26’ boat is at our disposal 24 hours a day.

This package has a two room cabin located out in the research area and all will sleep there. Seeing as it’s located in a region with a scattering of resorts and we are operating in the off-season, we can upgrade accommodations for this trip for extra cost.

" SASQUATCH "  Artist: Robert Bateman

Once we leave Campbell River we will be heading straight to the cabin to drop most gear off. It takes about 45 minutes by boat to get there, but one will see Seymour Narrows which is a high tidal area.

Afterwards it’s straight out to a huge clam beach to do some exploring and set up trail cameras. Once the tide is low, which usually is a night tide during the winter to expose the beach we will start harvesting shellfish. This is for our own consumption, but also a way for all to see how abundant protein is at low tide. We usually try and dig a one yard by one yard area and weigh what we gather from one spot. Afterwards we cook them in a variety of ways.

As has been stated, cockles will be found, but they are usually not as common as clams. One will see the diverse types of shellfish during the harvest. 

Weather and tidal current flow dictates all when it comes to harvesting out on the coast. We will try to harvest what we can, when we can. It’s required that if one wants to harvest they purchase a Canadian Saltwater Sport Fishing License. This has to be done online via this link.

Most of our meals will be traditional coastal food. We will prepare it in modern ways as well. For those that do not like seafood or have allergies, we can accommodate your needs and preferences.

This adventure is through to June 30th 2017. One can book it for one day, but we recommend a two day booking to really see the region and all the sights where the creatures have been seen or heard.

Using the boat we will be exploring numerous beaches trying to find evidence of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot. The real perk to this boat is being able to get into shallow bays and observe shellfish beaches at night while enjoying the diesel heater aboard.

There’s a bunk/bed area in forward cabin where two people can nap at a time taking shifts through the night as we observe beach.

The other added benefit to this package is the ability for all to fish, which increases the different seafood's we will enjoy!  It’s required that if one wants to fish they purchase a Canadian Saltwater Sport Fishing License. This has to be done online via this link.

Campbell River is home of probably the highest concentration of First Nations and non-native chainsaw creations of wood of Sasquatch/Bigfoot carvings on earth! This small city on the central eastern shore of Vancouver Island has some of the grandest First Nations totem poles depicting the Tzoonakwa. Out of respect to the tribe we will not post the pictures, but our Indian guides will show you these amazing creations.

The local Tribe has an amazing west coast Native art gallery where one can purchase their authentic traditional pieces. The stock is continually moving, but it usually has a vast collection of Bokwus and Tzoonakwa masks and other assorted creations for sale.

Your guides will ensure you get to see and experience as much as they can in regards to the Indian cultural component before heading off in the boat. If the local cultural center is open you will be brought there to see the vast collection of artifacts. There will be regalia from families and their interpretations of dances.  When possible, we may even be able to contract various family members to demonstrate their dances with their regalia.  


Indian Sasquatch Boat Adventure


Once the sun sets the whole rain forest changes, for this is the time the tides fall and hopefully the Sasquatch/Bigfoot comes out in the area we have chosen to search.  Throughout the years where we go there’s been reports of vocalizations and numerous sightings. The regions where we host our adventures are steeped in coastal Indian lore about the creatures.

Many places we journey to hold abandoned Indian villages, where for generations totem poles with Tzoonakwa stood testament to the existence of the creatures when the sites were inhabited. In darkness the Sasquatch/Bigfoot are said to journey from the depths of coastal rain forest. Yes, Ha Moo Moo Adventures has done due diligence in consulting with the original peoples of this realm, to hopefully ensure that on our adventures we all can come across evidence and experience for ourselves that these creatures do exist. 

- We leave this package up to our guests to decide how many days they want to experience the adventure.

- We require 50% security deposit upon booking your adventure.

- The remaining 50% cost of adventure on arrival day.

- Your 50% security deposit is 100% refundable up until 48 hours prior to start time of adventure.

- All prices in U.S. Dollar Funds.

- No children under 14 years of age

My Indian guides will be bringing you into the rain coast forest looking for evidence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot. The guides will show our edible foods as well as medicinal plants that the Indians harvested and some are also known to be preferred by Sasquatch as well.  In some regions we will see giant old growth forest. Here the guides like to share the connection the coastal Indians have to the cedar tree and how it’s still an integral part of their culture.  You will know how the bark was harvested and prepared for weaving,  The cedar is equivalent to cotton for the west coast Indians. You will  know the countless uses of the sweet smelling wood. 

I have trail cameras and this is all part of your adventure as we teach you how to set them up with the understanding of how wildlife travel the forest. We will help train your eye to spot trail systems that lead from the forest into high protein areas such as old abandoned fruit orchards, shellfish beaches or salmon spawning creeks. Above beach edge we shall seek out evidence that the creatures are active in the area where we explore.

Your quest is all about your curiosity about the Tzoonakwa that lives in this region of the Pacific Northwest, just like the other explorers before you. This adventure being conducted by a fast aluminum tour boat we are going to ensure we can cover as much water and ground possible to hopefully see evidence of its’ existence.

My Indian guides though, shall pass onto you family legends and stories about incidents they or others have had with these elusive creatures. By the end of your adventure into the land of the Kwakwaka’wakw, one will have a full understanding of the Tzoonakwa and the relationship the native peoples’ have had with this forest giant since the dawn of their creations.