And when I say women’s touch, I mean, why rough it when you don’t have to?  As long as there is a sea kayaker or avid outdoors person who wants to settle with canned baked beans warmed on the fire to feel perfectly at home, then other people in their life will continue to miss out on sharing the beautiful outdoors with them.

I want to give the partners, friends, family, who would otherwise be at home, the confidence and support to know they can handle a Ha Moo Moo Adventure by themselves or with their outdoorsy person.  Don’t get me wrong, if you want an all out Bush experience—survival-level caliber, then my partner in life, Tom Sewid, bushman, commercial fisherman, first nations legend speaker  and retired grizzly bear hunter, can elevate the experience to an extreme level beyond your survivalist dreams.

If Glamping is too over the top for you and your small group, we also have expedition class gear that can be used for multiple sea kayak overnight trip.  Depending on your desired level of adventure, we adjust to match your desired level of adventure.  We will also be happy to bring your outdoor skills up a level or two if that is what you want.   You may want to consider our  “Life like a Sasquatch”  or “Bush Survival Training” options that bring in the bush and First Nations cultural aspect towards thriving in the Northwest environment.

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Our group sizes are small and personal (no more than 4 people).  If you do take an over night adventure with us I will assure you that you will find I have added in unique comfort and aesthetics I call Glamping...which is Glamorous Camping! This is amazing accommodations' with added touches to make it more comfortable for those who just are not into the "utilitarian going without" experience.  Our glamping and our all inclusive service makes the adventure fun for everyone.

You may just want to have a girls weekend, on a beach or in the woods with lux glamping accommodations and all inclusive weekend of cuisine and adventure on your schedule.   And you don’t need to remind us that sometimes just sitting on one place and not doing anything can be an adventure for some overworked people who have been pushed to keep moving.  Come take it easy and recharge your batteries with us.

Glamping (Glamorous Camping)

Combine Glamping with Sea Kayaking, Sasquatch/Bigfoot hunting...

People don't need to know that you are telecommuting from your Glamp Camp.

We set up in a variety of locations, to suit the adventure experience.  We can accomodate less travel time and increased comfort by utilizing State Parks, DNR sites around Puget Sound and in the San Juan Islands  We also have access to local native land that only Ha Moo Moo has negotiated for use due to our First Nations heritage and culture and partnerships.

Glamping adventures include bringing in everything but the kitchen sink to ensure amazing nutritious meals for you to enjoy! I cater to your tastes', preferences and any allergies.  We will infuse northwest native inspiration as well.

In my decades of camping and expedition kayaking I’ve learned one thing.  It takes a lot of energy and time just to plan and execute an adventure.  From simple to complex...trip planning can be overwhelming if you work full time.  This another reason why I started Ha Moo Moo Adventures.  You may have the money...but may not have the time and energy to get out there or need to keep it down to just the weekend.  With Ha Moo Moo Adventures, you can basically show up with some clothes and a toothbrush and we take care of the rest.

With all overnight or multi-day expeditions I offer “Glamping”. Glamping” is Glamorous Camping.  Ha Moo Moo Adventures brand of Glamping is not fixed based and does not resemble a hotel room with canvas walls.  Instead, we go out to different locations to set up camp with surprising features you wouldn’t expect.   

I have 6-man size tents with large deep air mattress's and bedding.  New for 2017 are cots so one does not have to crawl around on the ground to get into bed or out. It also allows one to have a place to sit while dressing or taking off shoes. And stand to pull on the trousers or give each big bear hugs. 

Yes, when one sees and uses the added touches I incorporate such as personal care baskets filled with toiletries, lip balm, insect repellant, flash lights and other items one will think that out in bush with my operations is like being in a high end boutique hotel with a touch of the real outdoors.

As one sees in the photo, Glamping with the added woman's touches is something that makes ones stay amazing and unique.

Just call or e-mail us with your dates, times or just need more information.