Why are we unique?

Sea kayaking has always been one of my greatest passions and the essence to keeping me happy!   I began sea kayaking as a way to get into areas that most motor boats can't go with the hope of one day adventuring north to Canada to see ancient native village sites. I've succeeded my dream multiple times and even have the famous Indian Guide of the Pacific Coast.  So you will find that sea kayaking and northwest native culture are the focus's of Ha Moo Moo Adventures, yet as you shall see and read, I have other adventures for you.  

A clip of my proposal on Television a few years ago. You will have to fast forward to the second episode about half way through at about 11:21 to see start of my proposal. 

The Proposal – S1E12 -

I was born and raised in the Seattle region, thus enabling me to share a lifetime of experiences. Not only am I an adventure seeker, but I have taken training to ensure your paddling adventures with me are the safest they can be.  Sea Kayaking takes place as day trips to familiarize one to the sport or to just get out on the waters in and around Puget Sound. I also have overnight packages in the region as well as multi-day adventures into Canadian waters with orca whales and with a rich American Indian cultural component.   

Adventure shall always keep one young at heart! One day Tom, my Indian guide, took me out and asked me to wear traditional west coast regalia for pictures as orca whales passed by. As one can see it was fitting, for each of us wore button blankets with designs of orcas. Tom proposed to me as the orca passed and I said yes to the greatest adventure of my life! He likes to joke and say he’s my Indian Guide and dish washer for Ha Moo Moo Adventures, but I know the truth as you shall, if you take one of our cultural adventures. As a gifted legend speaker and historian and a true bushman, Tom helps add an amazing component to any of our adventures!

As you will see in my website, I am living the dream and I welcome you to come and live it with me! I have many amazing adventures that are easy to participate in around the Seattle region. For the real adventure seeker such as me, one can join me north in Canada seeing wildlife to being in awe as I have watching the aurora in the Northwest territories! I also have numerous sea kayak and yacht/boat tours for day or overnight adventures. Seeing grizzly bears, orca whales, bird watching all with the American Indian culture incorporated into my adventures one will see I have something very few can offer. Adventuring like this I have found makes it more exciting and memorable, so come on, live the dream with me! Carpi Diem!

Welcome to Ha Moo Moo Adventures, my name is Peggy. Many decades I have been an adventure seeker who has found to have unique approach to my outdoor pursuits.  I've explored often with a woman's touch, or with North American Indian culture, or all out "Bush" or all three in the same trip. I have often had to go on my own instead of journeying with a commercial operator. This was mainly due to commercial operations following set itinerary’s and trying to satisfy a diverse array of interests in a large group. Seeing as I know so many interesting regions of the Pacific Northwest and have a wealth of interesting people I work with to share their worlds with you, I felt it best I start offering unique and amazing adventure tours for people who need a personalized experience in order to call it "fun".

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